Telemonintoring System for Patients with Congestive Heart Failure

Remote chronic illness management is a growing need in Colorado as the general population ages.  Through the Urban Health Initiative, a team of researchers at the University of Denver and the Denver Health Medical Center are launching a pilot study focused on Congestive Heart Failure which is the second largest chronic illness in the U.S. The goal of this investigation is to reduce hospitalization by 25% through the use of a home monitoring system.


In order to pursue the goal of decreasing the percentage of hospitalization for CHF disease, we started our pilot study on 65 patients.  Each patient has to make a weight measurement everyday with the scale which sends the weight value to the RTX3370 device through a Bluetooth connection. The RTX3370 is connected to the analog phone line, therefore the data will be sent to the University of Denver Server. Patient data is aggregated in a database. Every night data from the last midnight-midnight period is exported to a single file. That file is being sent to the Denver Health, where the evaluation of data is done by assigned nurses.

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