DISFA Request Form

DISFA Request Form

No gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc are accepted!!! Only academic or institute email accounts are accepted!

Denver Intensity of Spontaneous Facial Action (DISFA) Database
I agree to:
1- I will cite Mavadati etal. in any paper of mine or my collaborators that makes any use of the database. The references are:

  • Mavadati, S.M.; Mahoor,M.H.; Bartlett, K.; Trinh, P.; Cohn, J.F., "DISFA: A Spontaneous Facial Action Intensity Database,"Affective Computing, IEEE Transactions on, vol.4, no.2, pp.151,160, April-June 2013 , doi: 10.1109/T-AFFC.2013.4
  • Mavadati, S.M.; Mahoor, M.H.; Bartlett, K.; Trinh, P., "Automatic detection of non-posed facial action units,"Image Processing (ICIP), 2012 19th IEEE International Conference on, vol., no., pp.1817,1820, Sept. 30 2012-Oct. 3 2012, doi: 10.1109/ICIP.2012.6467235

2- Not to provide the videos to second parties
3- If reproduce images in electronic or print media,to use only those from the following subjects:
- SN001, SN002, SN003, SN004, SN006, SN007, SN008, SN010, SN011, SN012, SN013, SN016, SN017, SN018, SN021, SN023, SN024, SN025, SN026, SN027, SN028, SN029, SN030, SN031, SN032(NOT to use: SN005 and SN009)
4- I shall use the images for research purposes only.

Dr. Mohammad H. Mahoor, ECE Department, University of Denver
2155 E Wesley Ave, #255 Denver, Co 80208
Email: mmahoor@du.edu
Phone: +1 (303)-871-3745

  • http://www.engr.du.edu/mmahoor/DISFA.htm
  • http://mohammadmahoor.com/databases-codes/

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